• Please have your Account Number and Access Code ready which can be found on the top of your Property Tax Notice or Business Licence Invoice. Contact our office 604.885.1986 if you are unable to locate this information.
  • Under Account Management below, please choose the Account Type from the drop down menu (Right now only PT-Property Tax and BL-Business Licences are active. We are planning to add AR-Accounts Receivable for Invoices and PL-Pet Licences later in 2016.
  • Click on Add New Account and enter your Account Number and Access Code.
  • Click Save and you will see your Account Information (YOU MAY NEED TO PRESS TAB TO SEE THE SAVE BUTTON)
  • You can add more than one property or business account to your profile in the same manner.
  • Proceed to Online Services and select the service to view your account details and submit a payment.