About Sechelt Online Property Tax Information

Unregistered Users can search for and view public Sechelt property information including legal description, property assessment plus current and previous year taxes charged.

Registered Users can see additional account information including bill summaries from past years. Online viewing and reprinting of your tax notice will be available for all properties that were registered and linked prior to the date when the Annual Property Tax Notices are generated.  If you would like to be able to view or reprint your tax notice this year, please register then email CitizenSelfService@Sechelt.ca requesting a reprint of your tax notice for online viewing.

* Current Tax charges are calculated in late May and will not display on this site until the calculations are completed
* Detailed Transactions data is not available at this time; therefore, this tab will be blank.

If your current balance does not update after you claim the Home Owner Grant then please refresh your browser cache.  This can be done by holding the Ctrl key and pressing the F5 key. More information on how to refresh the cache for different browsers is available here.



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